Welcome to JM Ecotech Solutions Co.

ECOTECH can help you minimize your waste management cost and improve your environmental performance through sound professional advice and innovative technological solutions. We will work with you every step of the way to develop feasible alternatives and identify the most compliant and cost effective option.

ECOTECH is committed to providing the highest level of Service, Safety and Convenience, delivered by highly trained professionals using the best equipment in the industry.

ECOTECH supports the promotion of sustainable development by preventing pollution, safeguarding our natural resources, and protecting public health and safety.

Services and Technologies

Our services are supported by the most extensive and reliable technology and solutions available in the environmental services industry. As the exclusive agent of  VIROTEC GLOBAL SOLUTIONS in the Philippines, we provide the most innovative, cost effective and straightforward waste treatment solutions.

We have pioneered stringent approval and waste handling procedures that meets regulatory requirements. Our industrial management principles demonstrate our commitment to providing quality environmental services that meet customer expectations, protect the environment, ensure safety and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

ECOTECH's comprehensive menu of environmental service solutions sets us apart from all other companies in the field. We offer a wide variety of treatment solutions in order to meet the individual environmental goals of our customers.


Waste is an inevitable derivative of economic progress brought about by industrialization.

How you manage waste has a great impact on your company's profits, reputation and future viability.